Customer Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern:
In October of 2012 Cindy and I were approached by a representative of U.S. Mechanical Company in regards to a new product that they were going to be offering to their customers. They asked us if we would like to purchase one to use in our home and test it for them. They wanted to know whether or not it worked as advertised, before they offered it to other customers. After all, we are smokers (yes in the house), we have 2 dogs that have free run both in and out of our home, my wife has numerous allergies, we live in the country off of dirt roads and have terrible problems with dust, I love to cook, and we are very concerned and conscientious about how our lifestyle affects our guests. We want everyone who comes to our home to be comfortable and feel welcome, without worrying about how our home smells, so we would be a perfect test home. We would pay for the REME unit and US Mechanical would install it free of charge. We were very skeptical because we have tried so many other air purifiers that have failed to perform as we were told they would when we purchased them. We have tried a Honeywell whole home electronic style in our previous home, it worked ok, but the loud popping noises when particles got trapped in the cells was quite annoying and it really did not do anything to remove odors from cooking, or the wet dogs, it did nothing for Cindy’s allergies and used what I thought was a lot of electricity. At the time we were asked to purchase The REME unit we were already using five different air purifiers. We have Oreck’s AirInstinct 200, and XL professional series, we have 2 Hunter HEPAtech models and a Honeywell HEPA unit. We were concerned with how much the REME unit would cost, but when we looked at the cost of all of the units we have, the pre-filter and HEPA filter replacement costs, the noise, effectiveness, actually the lack thereof, and the electricity usage of all of them, the cost of the REME unit was so much less expensive it would actually save us money. The offer was great so we agreed.

Normally, I would NOT be sitting down to write a testimonial of a product. Good or bad, this is the last thing I would be doing on a Saturday. But, what happened today is something that I must share with everyone who enjoys their 4-legged children, have allergies and / or are truly concerned with the quality of the air they breathe. When US Mechanical first installed the REME unit into the duct work of the house I looked at the unit and thought “is that it”. I thought there was no way that small unit would have any effect in our home. I was SO wrong. After the unit was installed we turned the fan on so it would run continuously, you don’t have to, but we did, installed a new furnace filter, and put the unit to its first test, deep fried corn dogs. Usually the smell of the grease would stay in the kitchen and throughout the house for hours. Literally with in 15 minutes after lunch there was no smell at all. Our next test was dusting. When Cindy dusts the home the dust is back within minutes, by the time she gets done dusting in other rooms the dust is back so quickly you can’t really tell that she had just dusted. Now, after dusting it takes about a week before it is time to do it again. I could go on and on about the tests we have done with Cindy’s allergies, the dogs, wet pet hair, the damp odors of the basement etc; and how we don’t need to run the furnace fan continuously any longer, because the results and performance of the REME unit are absolutely impressive, but I want to get to the reason I stopped what I was doing (getting ready for our annual New Year’s Eve party) and typed this letter. As disgusting and embarrassing as this is, I have to share it with you, because nothing is more evident that the REME unit works beyond my highest expectations as this. Here we go.

I was cleaning the basement, getting things ready for the party we were having and I remembered that I had not checked or changed the furnace filter since the installation. Out of curiosity I went to look at the filter, pulled it out, and it was BLACK, yes black, not brown, or yellow as it usually was from the smoke and dust but BLACK. In about 2 months, the filter had gotten so plugged that it had actually collapsed, allowing the air to flow around it. Whenever I change the filter I also vacuum out the bottom of the return air ducting just under the filter, as I was vacuuming I could tell that something clogged the vacuum hose and I wondered what the hell that could be. I removed the vacuum’s hose and on the end of the hose was a skeletonized mouse carcass. Now, this is bad enough but when I reached my hand into the ducting, I scraped out 3 more carcasses and 1 dead mouse in the process of decay. I am telling you this because, if anyone has smelled the stench of a dead mouse as it rots away, you know how horrible that smell is. I had 5 rotting mice in my air ducting and could not smell a thing. I had no idea the bacteria and potential disease that was being circulated thru-out the air ducting in my home was being killed by the REME unit. It works so well it makes me want to buy more of them with the thought of “if one works good, two would work better” but that is not the case. You only need one. I am so thankful to US Mechanical for showing us this excellent product and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Chris & Cindy Swain
Strasburg, CO